Rooftop Decks In Plymouth Meeting, PA

Upgrade your home and become the talk of the neighborhood with a functional and gorgeous looking rooftop deck built by our expert team here at Limitless Construction.
Rooftop Decks In Plymouth Meeting, PA

Homeowners in Plymouth Meeting, PA, looking for rooftop deck services, look no further. Our services are unmatched, providing you with durable, stylish, and functional outdoor living spaces. 

Instead of risking water damage or structural issues by going with less experienced teams, our professional approach guarantees you a flawless finish. Enjoy extended outdoor entertaining with peace of mind.

Choosing us means opting for excellence. We understand the specific challenges and opportunities of building in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple repairs and maintenance.

Instead, enjoy the seamless integration of your new rooftop deck with your home’s aesthetic, increasing both its value and your enjoyment.

Unmatched Benefits With Every Project

Our level of service and benefits have revolutionized the industry, setting new quality standards. See how we’ve raised the bar. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Your Rooftop Deck Could Look As Great As These

Your own rooftop deck transformation could mirror the stunning outcomes seen in these photos. Use them as inspiration to envision the potential of your space. 

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

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Testimonials From Your Neighbors In Plymouth Meeting

We greatly appreciate the positive feedback from our satisfied customers. Their testimonials reflect the quality and commitment we bring to every project. 

Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:


Jennelle Menendez


We used Limitless for a new composite deck and could not be happier! After dealing with many project disasters over the years, I was completely blown away by how professional and smooth the whole process was of getting the deck. From the plans to the permitting and through the construction, Chris and Mari kept us updated and informed. All of their people showed up when they said they would (!) and built a beautiful deck for us. I wish I could use them for every project!


Matt Nahrgang


I have seen many examples of the work by Limitless and Chris Kelly is knowledgeable, responsive, and excellent at anything the customer needs. As an attorney with a wide range of clients, I am happy to refer anyone to him for any general contracting work.

Rooftop Deck Costs In Plymouth Meeting, PA

Rooftop decks start at around $40,000, being more expensive than regular decks because they require more work and surface preparation.
Take a look at the costs table below with relevant pricing information from past projects to give you an idea of the costs involved in getting a rooftop deck built.
Project Description Key Features Total Cost
Rooftop Deck, 446 sq. ft. - West Chester, PA Kemper Roof system, Porcelain tile decking, Aluminum railing, Non-penetrating pedestal mounts, Outdoor furniture installation $97,000
Rooftop Deck, 345 sq. ft. - South Philadelphia TimberTech decking, TimberTech railing, Glass panels, Set of composite stairs, Beams wrapped with black PVC $51,750
Rooftop Deck, 250 sq. ft. - South Philadelphia Trex decking, PVC railing, Water drainage system, Subtle deck lighting fixtures $31,000

Factors Which Can Influence The Costs Of Rooftop Decks In Plymouth Meeting, PA

Numerous factors can significantly influence the cost of building a rooftop deck. Understanding these aspects can help manage expectations and budget accordingly.
Every project is unique, and these factors allow us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

Sticking to the budget we initially set is at the core of our service. We understand that financial planning is crucial for our clients. Therefore, we make it our priority to deliver the agreed-upon work without any unexpected costs. You can rely on us for complete transparency and integrity from start to finish.

Meeting our project deadlines is equally important to us. We plan meticulously and work efficiently, ensuring that your new rooftop deck is ready for enjoyment sooner than you might expect. Our team is trained to overcome challenges swiftly, guaranteeing that we finish your project on or before our agreed deadline, every time.

We Stick To The Budget & Deadline

At Limitless Construction, we pride ourselves on professionalism, offering precise timelines and budget estimates for every rooftop deck project. Our experience ensures you can trust in our commitments.

3-Step Process For Effortless Collaboration

At Limitless Construction, we simplify your path to enjoying your dream rooftop deck with an effortless 3-step process. Our goal is to handle everything, ensuring a smooth experience that minimizes any stress on your part.



Together, we outline your vision, preferences, and specifics of the rooftop deck you’re dreaming of.
Best Deck Building In Plymouth Meeting



Our skilled team efficiently transforms your vision into reality, using top materials and techniques.



The final step is all yours – relax and enjoy your beautiful, new outdoor space with friends and family.

FAQs About Rooftop Decks In Plymouth Meeting, PA

Typically, yes. Beginning at approximately $40,000, rooftop decks entail additional effort and surface preparation compared to standard decks.
Roof decks are constructed above residences, while balconies are compact decks located on the side of homes, typically accommodating two people.

Certainly! It’s essential for your rooftop deck to have a flat roof surface. Chimneys, AC units, and other structures on the building could pose challenges during construction. 

While it’s possible to work around them, it’s not advisable or always permissible. The type of roofing material is not crucial as long as the surface is level for deck construction.

Absolutely! We construct all types of decks imaginable. No matter the level of complexity, we’ll simplify even the toughest challenges.
Building rooftop decks typically requires 2 to 3 weeks once all permits and preparations are in place. Due to the necessary roof preparation, reinforcement, deck frame installation, and surfacing, these projects have an extended timeline.

Similar to standard decks, a permit is required to construct a roof deck. Although it’s not a unique permit, you’ll require a professional to handle the construction. 

Leave the building permits to us – we’ll manage all the paperwork, allowing you to sit back, relax, and witness your dream deck materialize.

Absolutely! Limitless Construction is your go-to outdoor remodeling company with full licensing and insurance. Count on us for reliable expertise in deck building and thorough knowledge of local building codes in Chester County and Montgomery County.
An addition like a louvered pergola can enhance your Philadelphia rooftop deck, offering relief from the scorching sun.
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Chris Kelly

See For Yourself How Much A Rooftop Deck Can Transform Your Home

Investing in a rooftop deck with us is something many homeowners wish they had done sooner. It boosts your home’s value and your living quality. 

Call us at (215) 608-6886 and let our team at Limitless Construction make this your best investment yet.

A rooftop deck transforms your home into a more enjoyable and functional space, offering a fresh area to entertain or relax. 

Reach out to us at (215) 608-6886, and the experts at Limitless Construction will guide your project to success with ease and professionalism.

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Situated in Montgomery County, PennsylvaniaPlymouth Meeting is a vibrant community rich in historical charm and modern amenities. Known for the bustling Plymouth Meeting Mall, providing a variety of shopping and dining options, and the scenic Colonial School District, this area effortlessly blends academic achievement with business vitality. Its favorable location near major highways makes it a desirable and convenient spot for both residents and professionals.