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Get a safer space for your loved ones with a thorough deck repair in Blue Bell, Ambler, Plymouth Meeting, North Wales, Lansdale, and more of PA

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Add several Extra Years To Your Deck's Lifespan With a Repair

Here’s something that a lot of homeowners don’t know yet.

Repairing your deck now, while it’s still useable, will cost you only a fraction of the thousands you’ll spend to build a new one in a few years.

Sure, there’s a limit to what a repair can fix, but at the right time, this project can add over 10 years to your existing deck.

Whether it’s a wobbly rail, some rotten decking boards, or sunken deck posts, we’ll do a thorough inspection of your deck and let you know what’s the best way forward.

Here are some popular deck repair and added features:

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Frequently Asked Questions

All deck repairs start from $1,000 and can go all the way up to $10,000 or more. If the “repair” goes above $10,000, we tend to call it a deck replacement, as very little of the old deck will remain on your property.

For example, if we’re replacing the frame, the decking surface, and the railing, that’s a complete replacement and it is normal it would cost more.

Generally, if you look underneath the deck and see the wood rotting or decaying, that’s a sign it might be too late already. You can’t know unless you’ve seen hundreds of decks and you can pinpoint an issue that will worsen over time. 

The best way to know is to have an expert do a deck inspection for you.

We can do any type of repair, from replacing some old decking boards to repairing the frame. If need be, we can also replace the deck entirely so you know for sure that the space is completely safe to entertain your family and friends.
Most of our deck repair projects usually take between 1 to 3 days. However, if we’re talking about a larger deck with multiple repairs, to the point of a complete replacement, the timeline will be longer, close to 7 days.

If the issues with your deck can be fixed without compromising the quality of the structure, then a deck repair works.

If the damage is considerably high, like rotting wood or a wobbly frame, it makes more sense to replace the deck. After a thorough inspection, we’ll tell you the best way to move forward with your project.

If the damage is too high, it might be more cost effective to replace the deck instead of prolonging its inevitable failure. Rot, for example, can be eating away at your deck right now, and you won’t see it until it’s way too late. 

Another example would be a frame that’s not up to code and is wobbly – you don’t want to wait for an accident to start taking action.

Deck Repair Cost And Upgrades

deck repair in Pennsylvania

Double Deck Repair In Philadelphia

After an inspection for this double deck, we’ve noticed rot was starting to develop on the posts. A double deck is a very heavy structure, and if the rot would have gotten too far, collapsing was inevitable.

This deck repair was quoted at $3,000 for the new wood posts and the labor involved in replacing them.

rooftop deck repair in Pennsylvania

Rooftop Deck Repair In Philadelphia

This 144 square feet rooftop deck here in Philadelphia was out in the elements for over a decade, so the decking on it was looking terrible. The repair included:

This deck repair project was quoted at $10,000, where the new pressure-treated lumber boards were the most expensive item.

deck repair in Pennsylvania

Landing Repair In Pottstown, PA

This wood landing was starting to pose trip hazards for our clients, and it was looking terrible. The wood started to wrap and split, and the fascia boards were missing. The project included:

This small landing or deck repair was quoted for $4,400 and the most expensive item was the composite decking.

A Thorough Repair In 3 Quick Steps

Making sure the deck you and your family use is safe shouldn't be so difficult. We've made the deck repair process extremely easy and fast, so you can fully trust your deck once again.




Get in touch, and let’s schedule an in-depth inspection of your deck.




Once we determine the repairs needed, we’ll get to work as promised.




Have fun on your deck again without worrying about how safe it is!

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