Outdoor Kitchens In Blue Bell, PA

Enjoy a fully functioning kitchen in your backyard with an outdoor kitchen setup in Blue Bell, PA

Blue Bell stone outdoor kitchen with beautiful cooking grill and barbecue

If you’re looking to add a new dynamic to your meal times, absolutely nothing beats an outdoor kitchen. The fresh air, the open space, the birds chirping, and the natural light are just a few of the reasons why you should get an outdoor kitchen installed.

Our team here at Limitless Construction is made up of skilled carpenters with decades of experience. They only how to deliver high-quality work, they simply can’t do a sloppy job for the sake of it being done.

This is because they learned their craft well from the very beginning, so now even if you ask them to do a poor job, they won’t be able to. These are the people you want to have by your side when building an outdoor kitchen.

A rooftop patio and an open outdoor kitchen with sliding glass doors
Chris - Owner of Limitless Construction

Chris Kelly – Owner of Limitless Construction

Hi, I’m Chris Kelly, the owner and founder of Limitless Construction! I started this company in 2018 with the goal of serving families here in The Greater Philadelphia Area with their outdoor spaces. With a lifelong of experience behind me and several other skilled craftsmen beside me, I took on a challenge to deliver the best decks, outdoor kitchens, and pergolas to our clients.

Benefits? Yes. How many? All of them.

Just as our craftsmen can’t help but deliver high-quality work, we can’t help but throw all the benefits we can think of in any project, as standard.

Have A Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen, Just Like These

Your outdoor kitchen could look just as beautiful as these. Use the following as inspiration for your project:

160+ Families Served

100+ Decks Built

1:1 project management

Chris - Owner of Limitless Construction

Ready to enjoy home-cooked meals in the fresh air and the comfort of your own backyard? There’s never been a better time to do so. Contact us at (215) 608-6886 to get started!

What Homeowners In Blue Bell Are Saying About Us

We’re incredibly grateful for the testimonials we’ve received from our clients in Blue Bell and beyond. Thank you for sharing your positive experiences – they inspire and motivate us to keep delivering the best. Here are some of the testimonials of our clients:


Jennelle Menendez Arthur


We used Limitless for a new composite deck and could not be happier! After dealing with many project disasters over the years, I was completely blown away by how professional and smooth the whole process was of getting the deck. From the plans to the permitting and through the construction, Chris and Mari kept us updated and informed. All of their people showed up when they said they would (!) and built a beautiful deck for us. I wish I could use them for every project!

Matt Nahrgang


I have seen many examples of the work by Limitless and Chris Kelly is knowledgeable, responsive, and excellent at anything the customer needs. As an attorney with a wide range of clients, I am happy to refer anyone to him for any general contracting work.

The Costs Of An Outdoor Kitchen In Blue Bell, PA

The amount you’ll pay for an outdoor kitchen in Blue Bell depends on multiple factors and no two projects are the same. You can expect to pay anywhere from $25k to over $100k, delivering upscale and luxurious spaces that come packed with furniture, kitchen equipment, appliances, and other extra features.
Outdoor Kitchen Packages Estimated Cost Range
Essential Outdoor Kitchen $25,000 - $40,000
Signature Outdoor Kitchen $40,001 - $70,000
Prestige Outdoor Kitchen $70,001 - $100,000+

Factors That Increase The Costs Of An Outdoor Kitchen In Blue Bell, PA

There are many factors that can influence the price of your outdoor kitchen project, the main ones being:
Factors Price Estimates
Size of the Outdoor Kitchen $25,000 - $100,000+
Choice of Materials Varies; e.g., $50 - $200 per sq ft
Appliances and Features $1,000 - $10,000+ per appliance
Customization and Design Complexity Additional 10% - 20% of project cost
Site Preparation $1,000 - $5,000+
Accessories and Extras $500 - $5,000+
Enclosures and Coverings $3,000 - $10,000+

We Are Serious About Your Time & Money

We understand how important time and money are to you. That’s why our whole team is ready to work hard, rain or shine, to finish your project on time and without going over your budget.
When it comes to money, know that we can work with any budget and still give you the same good work, no matter how big or small the project is. And once we decide on a budget, we stick to it.
Time is just as important. We promise to finish your project on time, no doubt about it.

Professional Outdoor Kitchen Ibnstallation In 3 Simple Steps

We’ve simplified the entire process to team up with you and swiftly complete your outdoor kitchen project. Discover how straightforward it is to work with us:



Once we assess your outdoor kitchen space, we create a plan for our team to execute.



With the plan in place, we dive straight into setting up your outdoor kitchen, with no delays!



Gather your loved ones for a meal and relish the compliments on your fantastic new outdoor kitchen!

FAQs About Outdoor Kitchens in Blue Bell, PA

Outdoor kitchens in the Greater Philadelphia Area range in price from $25k to over $100k for luxurious spaces, fully equipped with furniture, kitchen equipment, appliances, and more.
To ensure durability, outdoor kitchens should be equipped with waterproof and water-resistant materials. We suggest stainless steel for cabinets, quartz or granite for the countertop and backsplash, paver patios for the floor, and stainless steel appliances and sinks.
It’s possible to enclose the outdoor kitchen for year-round use, but this may make it resemble an indoor kitchen. Generally, outdoor kitchens are designed to remain open and outdoors for a different atmosphere.
Certainly! You’ll receive manufacturers’ warranties on materials and our 5-year workmanship warranty, covering everything we worked on.
Installation of a simple outdoor kitchen with a countertop and appliances can take as little as 1 week. Larger projects, including patios, pergolas, custom cabinets, etc., may take up to 3 months.
Our basic package comprises a grill, a countertop with a sink, and custom closets. However, outdoor kitchens may also incorporate a patio, seating area, storage space, backsplash, and a large prep countertop.
Absolutely! Depending on the material, we may reinforce the deck frame. For existing patios, we ensure the pavers or concrete are in good condition.
Yes! You’ll receive a 3D rendering for a preview of your outdoor kitchen before construction begins. This allows for order changes and provides an opportunity to share your vision for the new space.

Cook And Entertain In Your Own Backyard With A Fully Equipped Outdoor Kitchen

Chris - Owner of Limitless Construction

Chris Kelly

Be the talk of the neighborhood and host the best BBQs on the block with an outdoor kitchen that has everything you need to prep delicious meals. Call us at (215) 608-6886, and let’s talk kitchens!

(takes 1-2 min)

Andrew Edmonds


They did a great job on a project for me. Always available and responsive on unforeseen challenges. I would highly recommend for any project. Thanks again!

Jesse Velez


Highly recommend always come over on time and the work is great had about 9 different things done and no complaints.

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