Deck Installation In North Wales, PA

Get your deck perfectly installed and enjoy it for years on end without a worry with the help of our expert deck installation services here in North Wales, PA.

Deck Installation In North Wales, PA

For years, homeowners in North Wales, PA seeking reliable deck installation services have trusted our experienced team to deliver exceptional results. Choosing us means you avoid the hassle of uneven or unstable decks, instead enjoying a durable, beautifully crafted outdoor space perfect for gatherings.

Our history in North Wales, PA as the preferred professionals for deck installations speaks volumes. We provide not just a deck, but an extension of your home where memories are made. 

Skip the disappointment of subpar work and savor the benefits of a professionally installed deck that stands the test of time.

Industry-Leading Benefits

Our unmatched level of service has revolutionized the industry, setting a new high for quality deck installation. We’ve raised the bar, reshaping expectations. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Your Deck Installation Could Turn Out Like These

Your deck could look just as stunning as these examples. Treat these photos as your inspiration hub for crafting a space that stands out. Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the quality of our services:

Testimonials From Your Neighbors In North Wales, PA

We’re deeply thankful for the glowing testimonials from our customers. Their satisfaction is our top priority. Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:

Jennelle Menendez


We used Limitless for a new composite deck and could not be happier! After dealing with many project disasters over the years, I was completely blown away by how professional and smooth the whole process was of getting the deck. From the plans to the permitting and through the construction, Chris and Mari kept us updated and informed. All of their people showed up when they said they would (!) and built a beautiful deck for us. I wish I could use them for every project!

Matt Nahrgang


I have seen many examples of the work by Limitless and Chris Kelly is knowledgeable, responsive, and excellent at anything the customer needs. As an attorney with a wide range of clients, I am happy to refer anyone to him for any general contracting work.

Deck Installation Costs In North Wales, PA

Deck installations in North Wales, PA, and nearby areas begin at $20,000. The price of your new deck will vary based on your material preferences and the deck’s overall size.

Factors Which Can Influence The Costs Of Deck Installations In North Wales, PA

Several factors play into the cost of our deck installation services, each impacting the final price in unique ways. Here’s what to consider:

Rest assured, the budget we set at the start is the budget you’ll see at the end. We respect your financial planning and work rigorously to ensure there are no hidden costs or unexpected expenses. Our dedication to transparency means you’ll always know where your investment goes.

Meeting our deadline is non-negotiable. We work efficiently to complete your project on time, every time. Our team understands the importance of your schedule and is committed to delivering quality work within the agreed timeframe, so you can start enjoying your new deck sooner.

On Schedule & Within Budget

We prioritize professionalism, offering accurate timelines and budget estimates that you can trust.

3-Step Process For Smooth Collaboration

Choosing us means an easy, stress-free process from the moment you call. We’ve designed a simple 3-step method to ensure your deck installation is smooth and enjoyable. With our team handling the complexities, you’ll find peace of mind and minimal disruption to your daily life. 

Here’s how it works:



We listen to your ideas and draft a plan that aligns with your vision.
Best Deck Building In Plymouth Meeting



Our experts get to work, using top materials to bring your deck to life.



Step onto your new deck and start making memories right away.

FAQs About Deck Installation In North Wales, PA

Deck installations in Blue Bell, PA, and surrounding areas start from $20,000. The cost of your new deck will depend on the materials chosen and the deck’s size.

Of course. Composite decking is a low-maintenance choice that requires little upkeep. It offers durability, weather resistance, and a lifespan exceeding 30 years. Trex and TimberTech are prominent manufacturers of composite materials. 

Wood decks, like pressure-treated and cedar decks, provide beauty and cost-effectiveness, but they require sealing and staining every 1 to 2 years.

Certainly! You’ll get our 5-year workmanship guarantee and a materials warranty ranging from 5 years to a lifetime. Please note that these warranties apply to specific workmanship issues and material defects.
Generally, deck footings usually start at a 12” diameter and should reach a minimum depth of 36”. However, this is not recommended for all decks. Larger decks that include outdoor furniture, pergolas, built-in seating, and extra features require thicker footings to handle the added weight.
Building a deck usually takes 1 to 2 weeks, but smaller permit-ready structures can be done quicker. For larger decks with custom elements such as railings, patio landings, and stairs, the timeline may stretch to almost a month.
Most deck installation projects typically require a permit. However, we will manage all the paperwork for you, relieving you of any worries.
Absolutely! Limitless Construction is an outdoor renovation firm with full licensing and insurance. Rely on us as your dependable specialist, knowledgeable in deck installations and local building regulations in Chester County and Montgomery County.

We’ve developed and optimized a deck construction process focused on your comfort and well-being.

Begin by requesting a complimentary quote on our site. After that, we’ll contact you to give an estimate by phone and schedule an in-person meeting at your convenience.

During the on-site visit and project assessment, you can anticipate receiving our initial and final quote within 1-2 business days. The price indicated in this estimate will remain consistent throughout the project, preventing any unexpected charges.

Operating within a contract, we take responsibility for your project’s advancement and your property. Once all agreements are finalized, we stick to our predetermined schedule.

Upon project finalization, you’ll be provided with a detailed walk-through and our 5-year workmanship guarantee, along with lifelong tailored support.

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Chris Kelly

Your Dream Deck Is One Call Away

Investing in a deck installation sooner rather than later ensures you enjoy more memorable outdoor moments. Don’t wait to make the best investment for your home. 

Reach out at (215) 608-6886, and our team at Limitless Construction will expertly guide your project from start to finish.

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North Wales, PA, nestled in Montgomery County, is a quaint borough known for its rich history and charming downtown. Key landmarks include the historic North Wales Area Library and Weingartner Park, offering residents and visitors a blend of cultural and recreational activities. This tight-knit community values its heritage, making it a picturesque and inviting place to call home.